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Koi Ponds

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The first thing you should decide is to have fish (KOI) or not in your pond. If you choose not to have KOI then the variable to your design will be fewer. Outside of the fact that you won't have to feed your fish, any algae problems can easily be rectified by a little chlorine. If you wish to have a KOI Pond (obviously with fish) then a little more consideration is needed. Since this section is about "KOI Pond Designs", my focus will primarily be about ponds with fish. Since KOI Ponds aren't easily moved, a careful and thorough thought process must be given to finding the right location. Three words here - "TAKE YOUR TIME"!

At Aqua Marine, our representatives are trained to start with your goals and expectations and factor in all the variables that may affect the outcome. Location can dramatically affect the design and, just as importantly, the routine maintenance. Do you enjoy pruning and planting or after a hard days work would you just rather sit out by the waterfall and listen to the hypnotic affect of running water? Will water run off get into the pond? How does the water feature look from my deck? A small sample of questions that should be asked before the first shovel full of dirt is moved.

Water Depth -

The depth of your pond is of importance with if you consider the addition of KOI. Here in Missouri the frost line is approximately 18~20 inches. If your pond is 13 or 14 inches deep and wintertime comes with a hard freeze your fish could be at risk. A pond heater will help, but if your electric goes out you could have trouble. A proper depth and "Fall" to the bottom of your water feature will not only provide your KOI with a safe environment but also reduce maintenance time.

Waterfalls & Cascades -

Waterfalls and cascades will add interesting elements to the design of your pond. By adding a cascade and/or waterfall, two thing will be accomplished. First you have added another design element that will appeal to your visual senses and you will have added an audible affect that will appeal to your hearing. What other work of art can bring multiple senses into play? There is virtually no limit to the designs that you can incorporate into your water feature.

Filtration -

Filtration, and the various devices that may be associated with a KOI Pond can be as simple as a Natural Bog and a water pump or can be comprised of so may devices it would make a Physicists' head spin. Water pumps, gallons per hour, skimmer boxes, waterfall boxes, sand filters and Ultraviolet Sterilizers are just a sample of the array of devices that can be considered while designing and constructing a KOI Pond. The selection, and coordination, of the aforementioned will require even the diligent "Do it yourselfer" to do a significant amount of research. Let an Aqua-Marine, Incorporated Associate unwind the mystery of this challenge for you. You will be glad you did!

Plantings -

While some water features may have a waterfall and a cascade, all KOI Ponds have one feature in common...A POND. It may be a Terminus Pond in an elaborate array of cascades and waterfalls or it may just be a simple, serene, plain old flat pond. A small and simple water pond can easily be improved aesthetically with a colorful arrangement of flowering lilies and lotus plants. Just as color can add a whole new dimension to a black and white canvass drawing, plants can do the same for a water feature. The right plantings can bring even a mediocre water garden setting to life. At Aqua Marine, we have associates on staff that make your water garden magical. The different types of plants, colors and leaf shapes and what blooms when will bring your garden to life. Genny is our "On site" plant magician that can answer most, if not all, of your questions about what will best enhance the design of your garden. Some people have the touch and some people don't. Genny has the touch! Here in St. Louis, Missouri we have the Missouri Botanical Gardens that will take your breath away! I sometimes think that if she had half the chance she would sell her home and set up a cot at the Geodesic Dome where the tropics are all year long.

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