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Aqua-Marine has the tools, materials and equipment to create and install any water flow fountain that can be dreamed about. We recommend the perfect fit to your location that will consider all of the environmental factors that make the ideal fountain such as light, shadows, animals, power / solar, vegetation, and water flow. We have installed all kinds of fountains for tables, walls, floors, patios and gardens. Considerations must be made for adequate flow rates, weights, size, overall capacity, overflow and landscaping. We have many recommendations and examples of piping materials, sculptures, pumps, reservoirs, and filters that could be fitted to your fountain. Our recommendations are free as is an included estimate of the entire cost of your fountain. One of the keys to a successful fountain installation is a valid maintenance plan - which we provide with every installation for years of trouble-free operation.

Maintenance -

Fountains need periodic cleaning in order to have fresh, clear water that can consistently flow at the desired rate. This is especially true for outdoor fountains, which are more susceptible to weather and debris than indoor fountains. There are many factors that you want to consider to keep your fountain in top shape.

Number 1 is the pump! It must be kept clean. A cleaning schedule is a must in order to keep the parts from becoming corroded, gathering scale and algae, becoming clogged with debris, or connected tubing restricted with build-up. The exact cleaning procedure varies by manufacturer, but will involve powering off, removing the pump and partial disassembly. You need to clean or replace filters, and particularly clean the impeller and impeller cavity. Then re-assemble the pump. Filters in the system need to be cleaned and/or replaced. Water must be kept clean. If the fountain serves any animals, you also need to keep it sanitary. This can usually be accomplished with chemicals, but occasional drain and refill may be necessary. Stones should be clean and free of algae. Electrical items such as purifiers, misters, and lights may need special attention. If your fountain is seasonal, you may need to prep it for winter. Watch for slowing flow. This usually means problems may be lurking. It may be time to look for leaks.

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